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Baby’s First Easter Event

Saturday, March 19, 2016
Bring your baby in a cute Easter outfit & enjoy activities, giveaways, photo-op fun & more! Plus, learn creative ways to build baby’s first Easter basket. Sponsored by Pampers.

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We’ll have photo-op fun, giveaways & more!

Easter Grass

Macy’s: Extra 20% Off Kid’s Clothing = Carter’s Rompers Only $3.99, Girl’s Skirts Only $2.39

Carter's Rompers

Through March 6th, Macy’ is hosting a Baby Sale and offering up to 50% off select items. Even sweeter, you can save an extra 20% off select regular, sale & clearance kids and baby clothing when you use the promo code CUTE at checkout (qualifying items are marked). As one idea, I spotted these Carter’s Baby Romperspriced at just $4.99 (regularly $14), so only $3.99 each after the code CUTE!


Be sure to take some time and browse through the clearance section as there are TONS of great deals to be had! I also spotted these cute Little Girl’s Scooter and Skater Skirts priced at just $2.99-$3.99 —> only $2.39-$3.19 after the code CUTE.

Choose free in-store pick up if available near you; otherwise, shipping is $9.95 or free on orders of $50+ OR you can add ANY beauty item to your cart and get free shipping on ANY size order.

The Children’s Place: 30% Off & Free Shipping = 69¢ Fleece Hats, $2.79 Long Sleeve Tees + More


Through March 7th, hop on over to The Children’s Place where they are offering FREE shipping on ALL orders AND 30% off sitewide with promo code SPRING30 at checkout! Be sure to check out the clearance section where they have items starting at just $1.99 with hundreds of NEW markdowns.


Frozen Stationery Set $2.99 (reg. $4.95)
ONLY $2.09 shipped after code SPRING30!

Frozen Sister Necklace 2-Pack $3.99 (reg. $10.95)
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Frozen Olaf Notebook Set or Frozen Sisters Notebook Set $4.19 (reg. $7.95)
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Girls Frozen Elsa and Anna Clip 2-Pack $4.79 (reg. $8.95)
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Boys Fleece Hats & Beanies $0.99-$1.99 (reg. up to $9.95)
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Girl’s Long Sleeve Layering Tees $3.99 (reg. $9.95)
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PLUS, through March 27th, you can earn $10 Place Cash for every $20+ purchase in a single transaction. Then, starting March 28th through April 11th, you can redeem your Place Cash to save $10 off a purchase of $20 or more.

Gymboree Clearance Up to 80% OFF + Extra 25% + FREE SHIPPING!

Deals on kids’ clothes!!!

Gymboree dealsWoohoo! Through Wednesday bag FREE SHIPPING with no minimum on all orders from! Clearance prices are slashed up to 80% OFF right now, so you can score some seriously awesome deals!

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GoGo Squeez Apple Sauce Pouch RECALL ALERT

Apple Sauce Recall

GoGo Squeez Apple Sauce Pouch Recall

Popular applesauce maker GoGo Squeez has voluntarily recalled certain products after a recent production issue that led to mold developing in pouches.

The company has said the mold that has affected their products is the type that can form on fruit and poses no potential health risk if consumed. “However, we know mold is gross and unpleasant to look at or taste, and this is simply not the kind of experience we want you to have,” founder and CEO Michel Larroche wrote on the company’s site.

The recall includes all individual pouches and cartons of pouches produced in the United States with a “Best Before Date” between 6/30/2016 and 7/26/2016. Although these are the dates specified by GoGo squeeZ, it’s important for consumers to thoroughly check products before consumption.

The number of affected pouches has not been disclosed.

In order to determine if a product you bought is involved in this recall, follow the directions here. Consumers can also contact the company at (844) 275-5841 with any questions.

“As a result of this action, during the coming weeks, it may be a bit more difficult to find GoGo squeeZ products on your store shelves as we work to get back in stock the high quality products you know and deserve,” Larroche said.

apple-06Homemade Apple Sauce Recipe

Homemade Apple Sauce Recipe

apple-06Nothing beats the taste of homemade applesauce, and it’s so easy to make! Every year, starting in mid summer with the Gravensteins, and through late fall with Granny Smiths and Fuji apples, my father processes dozens of batches of applesauce from apples picked from his trees. He freezes them in large quart-sized mason jars for us to enjoy all year long.

The secret to my dad’s applesauce is that he adds a few strips of lemon peel to the apples while they are cooking, as well as some lemon juice. The tartness of the lemon serves to intensify the taste of the apples, and helps balance out the sweetness of the sauce. The result is a refreshing, utterly delicious applesauce.

He also likes to mix other fruit in with the sauce. He’ll mix fresh cranberries in with the apples for cranberry applesauce, or stalks of rhubarb for rhubarb applesauce. Plums and pluots sometimes find their way into his applesauce too.

Applesauce Recipe

Printable Home Made Applesauce

  • Prep time: 15 minutes
  • Cook time: 40 minutes
  • Yield: Makes about 1 1/2 to 2 quarts.

Apples vary in their sweetness level, depending on the variety and how late in the season they are picked. The amount of sugar you will want to add will depend on how sweet your apples are, and how sweet you would like your applesauce to be. This recipe is just a guideline, please adjust the sugar amounts to your taste. You can even leave the sugar out all together if you are using sweet apples.

If you use less sugar than this recipe suggest, you will likely want to reduce the amount of lemon juice as well. The lemon juice brightens the flavor of the apples and balances the sweetness.


  • 3 to 4 lbs of apples (about 7 to 10 apples, depending on the size), peeled, cored, and quartered* (use apples varieties that are good for cooking such as Granny Smith, Pippin, Gravenstein, Mcintosh, Fugi, Jonathan, Jonagold, or Golden Delicious)
  • 4 strips of lemon peel (use a vegetable peeler to strip 4 lengths, zest only, not the pith)
  • 3 to 4 Tbsp lemon juice (more or less to taste)
  • 3 inches of cinnamon stick
  • 1/4 cup of dark brown sugar
  • Up to 1/4 cup of white sugar
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt

*To prep the apples, use a sharp vegetable peeler or paring knife and cut away the outer peel. Then quarter the apple and use a paring knife to cut out the tough core parts from the quarters. Or use an apple peeler corer.


1 Place the peeled, cored, and quartered apples into a large pot. Add the strips of lemon peel, the lemon juice, cinnamon stick, sugars, water and salt. (You might want to start with half the sugar at this point and add more to taste later.) Bring to a boil on high heat, then lower the temperature, cover the pot, and maintain a low simmer for 20-30 minutes, until the apples are completely tender and cooked through.

2 Once the apples are cooked through, remove the pot from the heat. Remove the lemon peels and the cinnamon stick. Use a potato masher to mash the cooked apples in the pot to make a chunky applesauce. For a smoother applesauce you can either run the cooked apples through a food mill, or purée them in a blender. (If you use a blender, do small batches and do not fill the blender bowl more than halfway.)

Add more sugar to taste. If too sweet, add more lemon juice.

This applesauce is delicious either hot or chilled. It pairs well with pork chops for savory dishes, it’s terrific with cottage cheese as a snack or light lunch, and it’s great with vanilla ice cream or yogurt.

Freezes well and will last at least a year in a cold freezer.

Fresh Product for Pennies

Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op (BBFC)

BBFC distributes produce baskets, organic produce baskets, artisan bread and sandwich bread every other week for a minimal cost.

Bountiful Baskets is a not-for-profit food co-op for families that want to have more fresh produce for less money. In order to participate, you must set up a free account on thewebsite.  It is helpful to upgrade your web browser to the most current version, to ensure the website will function properly for you.

Contributions are accepted beginning Mondays at 9:00 a.m. for Wyoming, 10:00 a.m. for Utah & Montana, and 12:00 p.m. for all other states. Making a contribution is sometimes referred to as “ordering”, but this is not accurate. We call it contributing or participating, because Bountiful Baskets is not a business that you buy from, but rather a co-op where we all pool our money to buy things together.

To make your contribution, follow these steps:

  • Go to the website during the contribution time period. Some sites fill up quickly, so you may want to get on early for your first time.
  • Click “Get my produce basket” on the right hand side under where is says Current Offerings. There’s a picture of a vegetable basket where you click. If there is no “Get my produce basket” link, it means the website is not ready for contributions. If it is during the contribution window, it’s possible the website is having technical problems. Close your browser and try back in a few minutes.
  • Click on the basket for your state.
  • Enter your email and account password, then click “Submit”.
  • Choose your county from the drop-down menu. If your county is not showing in the list, it generally means that all sites in your county are full for the week. Try again earlier next week! (To make a selection in a drop-down menu, click on the little down arrow on the right-hand side of the little box. It will bring up all available options, and you can click on your desired selection.)
  • Choose your pick-up site from the next drop-down menu. Again, if your site is not showing in the list, it means it is full for the week.
  • Select the number of baskets you would like in the next drop-down menu. (up to 3 per participant)
  • On the “First Time Basket” menu, choose Yes if it is your first time participating. This $3.00 fee is only charged your first time. The money goes into a pool that is used to buy baskets for the volunteers to sort the produce into. You don’t bring those baskets home with you, they are left at the site to be used every week. So you will need to bring a container for carrying your produce home.
  • After that, there are several choices that you can select in addition to your produce basket if you desire.  You can also upgrade to 100% certified organic produce for an additional $10.00. In most areas, there are also add-ons such as bread, specialty packs, or cases of canning vegetables. If you would like one of those items, enter the number you would like in the box to the right of the description.
  • Before you click submit, read the message at the bottom of the page, and review your selections to be sure they are correct. Then click submit.
  • This brings up your “Cart” and gives you one more chance to review your selections before you finalize the transaction. Be sure you have selected the site you want and all the add-ons, as these things CAN NOT be changed once the transaction is finished. If you are sure everything is correct, click on “Check-out”.
  • This brings up the checkout page, where you will enter your name and payment information. Be sure to use the address that is associated with the credit or debit card you are using, or the transaction will fail. You must READ all of the bullet points and click the boxes next to them to indicate that you agree to the co-op policies.
  • Once you click submit, wait for the transaction to complete before clicking anything else. It may take a few minutes if the website is extremely busy. A confirmation page should appear when the transaction is complete, and an email will be sent to your account.
  • Print the email and bring it with you to the pick-up.
  • If the website gives you an error before you receive confirmation, log back into your account in a few minutes and check the “Contribution History” link on the right hand side before you submit another transaction. If the transaction shows in the history, then your contribution went through. If it is not there, you must re-submit your contribution, but you may have to wait a few minutes for the website to re-set before it will accept your transaction.

Contribution time closes on Tuesday night, but some sites fill up quickly. Each site has an allotted number of baskets that it can accommodate. In order for more baskets to be available in a particular area, volunteers must step up, be trained, and find a location where they can open a new site.

The contribution is $15.00 per basket. The organic upgrade is $10.00 for a total of $25.00. The amount for add-ons varies depending on the item. The first time basket fee is $3.00, and the processing fee is $1.50, which must be paid every time you contribute. Your entire contribution is spent on food, so the $1.50 is necessary to cover card processing, servers, and other expenses.  We have also had to add a fuel surcharge to account for the increases in fuel expense over the last 10 years.  Here is the chart.  It is based on distance from year round growing areas of the United States:

State Fee
Arizona $2.50
Colorado $3.50
Georgia $6.50
Idaho $4.00
Iowa $5.50
Kansas $4.50
Kentucky $6.50
Louisiana $4.50
Minnesota $5.50
Missouri $5.50
Montana $4.50
Nebraska $4.50
Nevada $2.50
New Mexico $2.50
North Dakota $5.50
Oklahoma $4.00
Oregon $5.50
South Dakota $5.50
Tennessee $6.50
Texas $3.50
Utah $2.50
Washington $4.50
Wyoming $3.50

When you check out, you agree to be on time to pick-up your produce. It is helpful to double-check the time on the website under “Locations” each Friday night to be sure there hasn’t been a last-minute change. You have a 20-minute window to pick up your produce. If you are late, or do not show up, your produce will be donated and will be unavailable to you.

You also agree to volunteer on occasion. This is a volunteer organization. We all chip in, no one gets paid, so all of our money goes to buying great food at great prices! If you are able bodied, we ask that you volunteer at least once every 6 to 8 times you participate.  If you can not, then don’t worry about it.

There are no refunds or exchanges, but if you don’t like it, there is no commitment to participate again. You have to contribute every week that you want a basket—they don’t just carry your contribution over. If you contribute for add-ons, you will have a chance to inspect those at the pick-up to make sure they are of good quality before you take them home. If they are spoiled or damaged, or if they do not arrive on the truck (these things occasionally happen), then the volunteer site coordinator will submit a credit request for you to be reviewed by Sally and Tanya, the co-op founders.

When a credit request is approved, it will show up on your Bountiful Baskets account in 4-6 weeks. The credited amount will automatically be applied to your next contribution. If an expected credit does not appear on your account, ask the volunteer site coordinator where you picked up to follow-up for you. Do not send an email to Sally and Tanya, as they receive hundreds of emails each week and are unlikely to respond in a timely manner. Remember, they are two volunteers who have families, jobs, and many other responsibilities that keep them very busy!